we are quality oriented solution provider technical expert we are Qasturie

Our Services

We are a leading mechanical engineering maintenance company, providing a complete solution. We want to ensure that we are sought after by oil and gas contractors in ASEAN

Flange Management Services

Joint Integrity Management system provides a proper and safe method to manage all joints during plant or platform shutdown thereby ensuring zero leak start-up. This system is critical as leaks delay production start-up and cause unplanned shutdowns.

Mechanical Maintenance

Qasturie offers comprehensive service for petrochemicals, refinery and offshore facilities, our expertise also allows us to provide repair and maintenance of equipment such as heat exchangers, pressure vessels and tanks

Project Management

Together with our partners, Qasturie is capable of providing much wider scope and value-added engineering services which are provided and integral components of client own team. Our partners are established international companies providing strategic, technical and operational advice and hands-on implementation support, coaching and training.

Supply & Sourcing

Complementing its current range if services, Qasturie also supplies related products and equipment. Among others, Qasturie provides Special Purpose Pumps i.e pneumatic pump, hand pump

Our Clients